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Team Communications - Email

Communicating with your team is handled through the Messages section of your account page or through the Discussions section of your Team Page.  Discussions are used when communicating with your entire team.  Messages are primarily used for individual communications.  Both Messages and Discussions will generate an email to your recipients.
Note: You can always leave your account page and return to the RTSA home page using the Home menu option.
Account Page

Select the Messages menu option from your account page and click on the Compose New Message button in the upper right corner of the page.
Select the recipient in the pull down list at the top of the message.  More than one recipient can be selected.
Enter your message in the box provided and click Send.

Click on the Visit Team Page link from your account page and then click on the Start New Discussion button on the Discussions tab.

New Discussion
Provide the text for your message, select the target audience (players, volunteers, or both) and click OK.
All discussions will appear in the News Feed of both your Team Page and your Account Page.
Note: You can also access your Team Page from the main RTSA site using the Team Central menu, located below the RTSA banner.

All Team Page activities, including discussions, can also be managed through the DICK'S Team Sports HQ app in the Apple and Google app stores.

Field Status

Open Open

Enholm Field (04:37 PM | 04/20/17)

Open Open

Hudsonia Field (04:37 PM | 04/20/17)

Open Open

Norway Field (04:37 PM | 04/20/17)

Open Open

Christ Church (04:37 PM | 04/20/17)

Open Open

Rockaway Mall Field (04:37 PM | 04/20/17)

Closed Closed

Dwyer School (02:04 PM | 10/27/16)