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Apr, 2019

RTSA Holding Tryouts for Premier Teams

RTSA Premier and Travel Team Tryouts for 2019/2020 Season FAQ’s


In addition to our normal Travel Tryouts, Rockaway Soccer has decided to hold tryouts for 3 different ages for “Premier Level Teams”.  This is new to many of you, so naturally there are a lot of questions.  Hopefully I will answer many of them.

Our goal with Travel Soccer has always been to put together a program that was fun, competitive, educational and affordable.  Over the years we have kept up with the changes to the game and the travel league.  We started out with just volunteer parents as coaches.  A little more than a decade ago we added Professional Trainers to teach the players.  The last few years we have added those trainers to game coverage so they can see how their practices translate on the field for the kids. 

The last 5 years has seen a big change to travel programs for a lot of towns.  Private Clubs have become very popular.  Years ago, if you had a player that was better than a lot of the players on the team and wanted to play soccer all the time, you would look for that player to tryout for one of these clubs.  There were a few of them around, so if your player was on a club, it meant something.  The number of private clubs has grown considerably the last 5 years, so now you will be able to find a club for your player to play on.  Most of these “Club” teams played in a “Premier League” which is what EDP is.  Years ago, EDP had 1 or 2 flights with 8 teams per age group.  Now there are at least 5 flights per age group.  Years ago, a local travel team would play only in their League (MCYSA for us) and if they were really good, and won Flight 1 a few times, they would take the next step up to EDP for better competition.  Now, many teams in the top two flights will go to EDP for better competition.

With the growth of these private “Clubs”, clubs like ours are losing players each year.  For some of those players, it is the right move.  For most, they are not getting that much more from these “Clubs” than they would get from playing local.  

So, for us to grow and adapt to change once again, we are taking the next logical step and creating “Premier” teams where we feel it fits.  Our goal is to create a program that takes the coaching and training that we have been doing to the next level.  We want to have a program that allows local players opportunities to play in higher competitions such as EDP and tournaments while not having to join external clubs to join the growing youth soccer Premier level environment.  We want to be as competitive as we can be without forgetting that Soccer is a game and it’s supposed to be fun for the players. 

Premier teams will be coached entirely by a professional trainer.  All practices and games will be run by this Coach.  No more parent volunteers as coaches.  Practices will be 90 minutes long.  There will be 20 in season practices and also pre season practices.  These teams will also be scheduled in 3 tournaments per year, two in the Fall and one in the Spring. The cost for the team will be somewhere between $1,100 and $1,200 for the year.  That includes the practices, games, tournaments and uniform. 

After reading all of this, here are some of the questions that you may have:

1.       What teams will be holding tryouts for “Premier” teams?  The 2005, 2007 and 2009 boys teams.

2.      Who is eligible to tryout for those teams?  Any local player that is born in those years or the year earlier.  A local player is defined as someone that lives within the Regional HS district.  Players from outside of the HS district will be allowed, but the teams will be mostly local.

3.      Will there be a MCYSA travel team for these same ages?  While we would like to have a team for both MCYSA and EDP, we can’t guarantee that will be the case.

4.      Who is the professional training group that RTSA will use?  We will continue to use Cheshire Soccer Academy.

5.      That is a big jump in cost compared to the Travel team, what do other clubs charge?  The private clubs are “For Profit” and generally charge between $2,000 and $4,000 for a similar level program.  In town clubs that have started “Premier” teams, generally charge $1,800 to $3,000.   RTSA is a non-profit volunteer run club.  We charge what we pay. 

6.      What time are the tryouts on the 12th and 15th? 

2009 starts at 6:00

2007 starts at 7:00

2005 starts at 8:00

7.      When will we learn the results?  We plan on finalizing the results within a week after the tryouts. 


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